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The End of Nuclear power is not an ideological vision.

Pragmatism tells us that today, there are solutions, and that Belgium must go to the side of modernity ¹.

Nuclear power may have some advantages...
  • a lower CO₂ emission than gas or coal power plants ²;
  • a relatively cheap cost of production (because our plants are amortized)
... but it also has disadvantages !
  • a production of waste that is not known what to do and that will generate costs and nuisances for an indeterminate future;
  • the necessary investments in the event of an extension ³;
  • high and generally underestimated dismantling costs;
  • the exploitation and lack of health protection of workers engaged in fuel production;
  • the destruction of the environment in the regions where this fuel is extracted;
  • an extremely high risk of serious accidents near us.
We are convinced, with supporting arguments, that these disadvantages outweigh the benefits and we want compliance with the law, that provides for the end of nuclear production by 2025.

¹ The European Commission has also understood this well: nuclear power is excluded from the Climate Transition Fund (the (Green Deal).

² The IPCC says "comparable to wind", but we think that the studies on which it is based are underestimated. In production, nuclear power indirectly produces a lot of CO2, even when the power plants are shut down, while wind power is content with... wind.

³ At the moment all investment efforts should be directed towards the energies of the future, the climate crisis will not await us !